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"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." - Jeremiah 29:11

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What’s a little perspiration

Day 243 of 365 days…

…day 2 of 180 days was yet another great day with my 22 kiddos. Yes, everyone showed up today and proved to me that our class has a per-so-nal-i-ty!!!

Yesterday they heard me use the word “perspire” and asked what it meant. After I used it again, they used their context clues and figured it out.

Today, I heard some of them using “perspire” and “perspiration” in some of their conversations after recess :)) they are precious!!

Today I sat back in my classroom and was just in Awe at God’s greatness!! He has truly blessed me and ALWAYS takes such great care of me!! I am so thankful for the career He has placed in my path. My prayer is that I continue to allow God to shine through me.

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A “pretty” smile :):)

12 days later…I still find a reason to smile :)

Today was a very trying day for me…almost as if the enemy knew that I’d be looking for my “smile” today so he kept trying me with one of my students. So maybe one of my students did press every single button I have, today, but HA HA HA on you satan because I STILL found my smile.

Let me just prepare you before you continue with this blog…my smile DID come from within my classroom AGAIN but hey what do you expect? I practically LIVE in my classroom ;)

Anyways, with benchmark testing completed, I decided that I could now wear my cute boots to work…so I did :)

As the day went by, many of my students, as well as many of the staff, commented on how much they like my boots…but my smile came later in the day when one of my sweet boys came up to me and says to me, “you’re pretty ms Howard…I like when you dress like that.” he then proceeds to gives me his biggest and most precious smile.

Needless to say, a smile also appeared on my face…all because I was able to bring a smile to the face of one of my darling fourth graders :)

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Gotta love my fourth graders

Okay readers…I HAVE to tell you about my sweet sweet fourth graders today.

First, let me give you the background information:
Yesterday, our youth group had our Turkey Bowl (our annual football game before Thanksgiving) and of course I played and “beasted” on the field :)

Anyways, during the game I went running after someone and made a wrong turn with my knee and a sharp pain went through my knee. I of course continued playing on it and jumped on it during worship :). Won’t let ANYTHING keep me down, right :).

Well…once I finally made it to sit down, that’s when all the pain hit me.

Today I go into work (remind you that I am a fourth grade teacher) limping all over the place as my students are asking me millions of questions about how I hurt my knee. With my knee injury I haven’t been able to straighten my leg :(

Well, I was sitting on our back table and went to stand up and completely forgot about my knee as I stepped down on that leg, a sharp pain went through my knee which made me jerk back and I almost fell to the ground,..that FREAKED my students out. They all screamed my name and continued to offer to help me walk EVERYWHERE. So sweet!!!

As sweet as that was, I told them that if I fell we’d all go down and they would hurt more then I would :)

Oh how I love my little people :)

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I’m the NEW teacher…

Day 1 as a fourth grade teacher was a success!!! —>  PRAISE THE LORD!!!

All 22 students were present today and they are such sweethearts.  “Chattiness”  was the only problem I faced.  After today, I somewhat have an idea of how I want my day to go..with that being said, PLANS ARE CHANGING!!!  By the end of the week, with God’s help, I should have a smooth routine :)  Now I can breath just a little easier!!

I did manage to get some papers stuck in the copier while trying to copy some papers for the class…REALLY??!!!  Just perfect timing…and this happened TWICE. <—NEWbie status!!

EVERYONE was SO welcoming and willing to help in any way…I just need to get in the habit of taking people’s hand when they offer it.  <—independent personality

Let’s see what tomorrow brings…

**Thank you Daddy/Father for my Job!!**

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