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"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." - Jeremiah 29:11

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Chapter 2013, page 84-88

Pages 84 to 87 were all such a blur. The last week before spring break and boy did we pack in a busy week :))
Let’s see:

Page 84:
Cram time. My students worked hard on their black history projects and their region projects. They also had the opportunity to learn about the water cycle.

It was the coolest little science activity. With the use of different color beads and a string, they were able to see how a single water droplet travels and moves along in the water cycle. Every single one of my students enjoyed this activity.

Page 85:
More cram time.
Skate night [i missed this time]
ER boredom…mommy got really ill so we had to spend some time with the nasty germ-infested ER:((. But I had a nice surprise from the beau that evening…he sat there with me until mommy’s discharge. [❤]

Page 86:
Human growth class - having to talk to my students about not talking to their classmates about what they saw in the video and talking with their parents about it [i mean it is only something or bodies go through].
Wax museum - all the fourth graders did such a great job on their presentations!! I was very proud of them!!

Page 87:

Page 88:
First day I was able to sleep in :)))
I also managed to get my taxes done….YAY!!

The best part of today - getting to go on a date with the beau:)). [❤💚❤💚❤💚❤💚❤💚❤💚]

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Find a reason to smile…

Day 107…

Today, I was tested with disappointment - I failed!! I’m the first one to tell anyone that once someone disappoints me I shut them completely out and pretty throw them in the wind, so to speak…I definitely did that this morning and I am NOT proud of it.
The funny thing is this morning my awesome Pastor recapped on his message from last week that I missed, which talked about how we look at repeated disappointment brings negative expectancy - literally stepped on my toes because I seriously went in that direction.

I am still a work in progress…

My day went on from then with plenty of reasons to smile - one of them being due to one of my youth students. She blessed me with a Tshirt that reads, “church isn’t a place for good people, it’s a hospital for the broken” and a canvas painting that reads, “find a reason to smile”.

She is such an amazing young lady!!

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